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Biography of lily montes

i grew up with allot of family around and i was born in bell flower in the city of Huntington park with mostly my dads family around at the first few years of my life until i was about 5 or 6. but then we moved to an apartment kind of between both sides of my family i mostly took after my dads side but i do have some of my moms origin in me so my full origin is sort of mixed up i have mostly Mexican in me but i also have two types of native american in me i also have Irish and american that's all i really remember but one important fact about me is that i love animals and i have my whole future planned out on how i'm going to become a veterinarian.

lily montes's Works:

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I Can Become

i can become what i wish to be
you hold me tight not in embrce
in hostility
not by force but by mind
i cannot brake free
to me i am stuck but to you i am merely
frustrated and cannot think straight
i try again and again
my thoughts are a jumble

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