Lily Phelps

Rookie (JUN 21/97 / Orlando, FL)

Biography of Lily Phelps

I'm very shy, but I'm beginning to get over that. I've been through a lot of things, and I've been told I'm more mature than most adults, and I have a strange grasp on life that not many people have. I've seen things a young girl shouldn't have, and has gotten through without any major wounds. I will admit I have my battle scars, but to me, they're badges of honor, and I wear my scars proudly. I like to say, 'Hey world, I used to wish I was dead. but look at me now, I'm alive. And not only that, but I'm living.'

There is a difference between being alive and living. Updates


It all ends here
on this night where I lay
I don't know how it came to
dying as I pray.
God please don't hate me
I only did what I thought was
So please don't send me

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