Lilymarie Mendoza

Rookie (9-29-1991 / Evergreen Colorado)

Biography of Lilymarie Mendoza

Lilymarie Mendoza poet

Hi im lilymarie mendoza, i was born in Evergreen, Place where i wanna grow old at.I love my family, my friends and my son.Im a single teenage mother and my son means the world to me. Updates

Who Is She...?

Born in Evergreen, Colorado on September 29,1991 says the chriping birds out side the hospital window. Role model of 3 wonderful all look alikes brothers says the family photos. Mother of one amazing son says the smile on little Austins angelic face. A responseable daughter says her father and mother.A Catholic says the Virgin Mary that protects her well she sleeps.

A lover of the color black says her room. She has good taste in music says her ipod. She loves to work out says her work out cl

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