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41. When We Still Love 2/16/2017
42. Away From Me 2/17/2017
43. I Saw You Today 2/20/2017
44. Wasteland Of Tears 4/12/2017
45. In This Moment 4/12/2017
46. Thankful For What She Has 4/12/2017
47. In That Moment I'm Scared 4/17/2017
48. Whom I Helped Create 5/30/2017
49. Loving From Within 11/10/2017
50. My Brother, Jimmy 11/10/2017
51. Reveal Us To The World 11/10/2017
52. Never Enough 11/14/2017
53. My Heart Is Heavy 1/9/2018
54. If I Had A Dime 3/8/2018
55. Blue To Grey 4/6/2018
56. I Won't Pretend 4/10/2018
57. The Woman I Use To Be 3/23/2015
58. For Love To Step In 3/20/2015
59. The Sound Of Your Voice 3/20/2015
60. Hidden In The Mist 3/17/2015
61. You'Re My Son 3/11/2015
62. Should I Have Known 3/4/2015
63. Up The Stairway 3/13/2015
64. I'M Everywhere 3/6/2015
65. I Promise 3/2/2015
66. Waiting For An Eagle 3/18/2015
67. Casualty Of Love 3/17/2015
68. The Power Of Love 3/2/2015
69. Life Measured 3/4/2015
70. As I Watched You Go 7/31/2015
71. Love Is That Rose 4/8/2015
72. You'Re My Ordinary 4/9/2015
73. The Strength In Casey 12/7/2015
74. My Last Heartbeat 9/24/2015
75. A Single Tear Drop 8/4/2015
76. He's Gone 4/12/2017
77. Right Of Passage 4/29/2016
78. A Visit From You 5/17/2016
79. The Path You Take Without Me 12/22/2015
80. My Love, You Let Go 11/10/2017

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Best Poem of Linda Barnes

A World So Broken

I will leave this Earth
With a broken heart
Of all I have seen
And all that is not

I was allowed to grow up
Through rose colored glasses
Not having to witness
Streets so chaotic

Who would have believed
How this world would change
From celebrating Christmas
To dying for believing in same

Children of today
Have no clue or idea
What yesterday use to be
Or what tomorrow will bring

As a prayer is whispered
Will it calm their fears
As they cry themselves to sleep
Living in a world so broken

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A Letter To Brody

I waited so long
To hold you in my arms
Even not knowing
Whether you were a boy or girl

It never mattered to me
As I just needed to see
What a beautiful person
You would definitely be

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