Linda Diane Wilkerson

Biography of Linda Diane Wilkerson

I Love Poetry. I started writing Poems when I was a child. I just in the past two years begin to write Poetry again. I did not have a computer. When, I got my computer I found the card sites. Soon after someone told me about Poetry.Com. I have been writing daily since. I did loose my interest in April 2005 when my Mother Passed Away. But, now, I am writing more again. I worked for years with computers and Banking. So, I knew a little about computers. I am now on a disability and Retired in Florida.
I am from the Cherokee Indian Nation. My grandmother was part Cherokee. My website http: // /Glorylandbound, subject line must be Diane's Poems: : Glorylandbound

Linda Diane Wilkerson's Works:

I have a small book which is not for sale. It was printed for my family. My mother had just enough copies for us. It is a draft of my Book I want to publish for sale soon. She passed away four months after having the book printed for me. Updates


I see hope with the Sunrise
When the brightness beams the Sky.
I see joy when the day brings Sunshine
When the warm hot sun beams on this face of mine
I see smiles of older men and ladies faces
The men smile and the ladies still wear dresses with laces
I see hope in the young Mother
When their young children will feel safe with no other.
I see hope with the Beautiful Sunset