Linda Grant

Biography of Linda Grant

Linda Grant (born 15 February 1951) is a British novelist and occasional journalist.

Early life

Linda Grant was born in Liverpool to a family of Russian and Polish Jewish immigrants.

She was educated at The Belvedere School (Girls' Day School Trust), read English at the University of York (1972 to 1975), then completed an M.A. in English at McMaster University in Canada. She did post-graduate studies at Simon Fraser University.


In 1985 Grant returned to Britain and became a journalist, working for The Guardian and eventually wrote her own column for eighteen months. She published her first book, a non-fiction work, Sexing the Millennium: A Political History of the Sexual Revolution in 1993. She wrote a personal memoir of her mother's fight with vascular dementia called Remind Me Who I Am, Again.

Her fiction draws heavily on her Jewish background, family history, and the history of Liverpool. She has developed a special interest in the state of Israel.

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