Linda Hepner

Freshman - 931 Points (London)

Linda Hepner Poems

161. Hummingbirds 3/22/2009
162. After The Boston Conference 12/1/2008
163. Stillness 3/8/2006
164. Roofers 5/2/2007
165. Auto-Sacrifice 9/14/2006
166. Getty Cell 9/17/2006
167. Asham 9/22/2006
168. Who Who 10/17/2007
169. Sheets 10/17/2007
170. Try To Love A British Pedant 1/13/2015
171. Nothing Yet 10/1/2017
172. The Peach 6/5/2016
173. I Love My Cat 3/28/2010
174. Don'T Look Back 3/7/2008
175. Creases Of His Mind 12/14/2007
176. World War Three 5/19/2006
177. One On The Richter Scale 5/24/2006
178. Metamorphosis 9/28/2006
179. Artistic License 5/5/2006
180. Asian Courtyards 9/17/2006
181. Saint Spider 4/26/2007
182. For You Are Green 9/9/2007
183. Bra-Less 7/25/2008
184. Penelope 1/21/2009
185. Flying In The Wind 9/27/2005
186. Two Tribes Laughing 6/23/2005
187. Next Stop, Stockholm! 11/10/2005
188. Time For Toenails 3/1/2006
189. Meta 2/26/2006
190. Kaddish 3/29/2006
191. Tsunami 12/26/2005
192. The Tattered Tallit 1/20/2006
193. Hagar 10/7/2005
194. Day Ache 9/5/2005
195. Ballad Of The Long-Ago Children 9/7/2005
196. 'It Is What It Is' 1/8/2006
197. A Terrible Splendor 12/25/2006
198. Welcomed 2/17/2006
199. Air We Breathe 1/24/2006
200. Tinnitus 5/19/2006

Comments about Linda Hepner

  • Susan Pearl (2/13/2017 5:49:00 AM)

    If you haven't yet discovered the poems by Linda Hepner, then you are missing out on one of the most erudite writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her poetry is thought-provoking and highly intelligent. It is baffling that publishing houses have not noticed this extremely talented and and inspiring writer.

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  • Anna Russell (1/18/2007 4:07:00 PM)

    Linda's intelligence, strength and understanding of her craft all shine from every line. Her poetry is always a delight, and there's something in there for everyone. I demand that you read her!
    Anna xxx

  • Gina Onyemaechi (4/30/2006 10:54:00 AM)

    Linda is a born poet. She metaphors, rhythms and rhymes with elegance, power, and above all, apparent ease! Her work is rich, sophisticated, and highly entertaining. See this for yourself for example in 'Babel, a Sonnet' (word power that will knock your socks off) , 'A Tale of Two Dominions' (rich, imagey, and visual) , 'Tsunami' (a beautifully painted picture of nature and the horror that it inflicted in this devastating catastrophe) and 'Desert Ditty' (a catchy song of hope and determination) .
    I come to Linda's work both for entertainment and for inspiration. Linda tells me that she has no publishing ambition. I feel this is a shame since in my view, her sublime writing deserves to be enjoyed by a far greater audience than that offered by Poem Hunter alone.
    In sum, I feel honoured to know both Linda and her poetry. Her writing is never a let-down.

Best Poem of Linda Hepner

Allium, Peeling Onions

Peeling onions with my naked nails
Oh how close I come to paring off my parchment skin
And on it I shall write: if all else fails
This you shall send to those I’ve harbored, allies, foe and kin:

Come here and read, my cold and heedless peers,
That I, constrained by expectations, image, hunger, need,
Have found beneath the skin a well of tears
And with serrated slicing into stinging flesh I’ve freed

The piercing fragrance live between each petal,
Layered bodies, one upon the other, sinew, bone,
Bleached by salt and sweat to pearly metal;
The ...

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Call me bardesque
but not grotesque
even when I distort
call me bardette
but not vedette
even though I really really
truly desire
to be caught
to be captured
to be raptured
to be lit, consumed
by fire.


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