Linda Marie Van Tassell

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Biography of Linda Marie Van Tassell

Linda Marie Van Tassell poet

I hope that in honing my craft as writer and poet, my voice will inspire people to see life as a perpetual journey that branches out into divergent paths of knowledge, challenge and discovery.

In all things may we discover one another, glance into the mirror of each other's soul, and recognize within all some small part of ourselves. We are one.

Have a happy day and thanks for visiting. I do hope we meet again. Updates

Wear You

I long to wear you like a softly-scented cologne,
to smell your essence around me when I'm all alone,
to inhale you with each breath from the moment I wake,
to taste you on the wind with every step I take.

I long to wear you like a satin or velvet glove,
to run your hands across my skin, yearning for your love,
feel you play my body like a harpist on his strings,
lightly touching my flesh with the brush of angel wings.

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