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Linda May Fox Poems

1. A Never Ending Pool 6/19/2012
2. A Reflection Of The Heart Of God 6/26/2012
3. Touched By A Spirit 6/26/2012
4. Looking Back 6/26/2012
5. Life's Mystery 6/26/2012
6. The Garden 6/30/2012
7. The Crypt 6/30/2012
8. A Journey Beyond 6/20/2012
9. A Spectacle Of A Life Time 7/11/2012
10. A World Of Experiences 7/12/2012
11. The Picture Of Life! 9/18/2012
12. The Spirits Of Time 9/29/2012
13. Harmonious Melody 9/29/2012
14. A Dream 10/7/2012
15. The Heart Of Life 3/10/2014
16. Silence And Darkness With God 3/10/2014
17. An Image Of Love Is - 3/11/2014
18. Hope For Tiny Hearts 3/11/2014
19. A Painting By God 3/11/2014
20. A Beauty Of Darkness 7/4/2014
21. Life 1/12/2015
22. Heaven 1/12/2015
23. Guilt 1/13/2015
24. Spring In The Air 2/17/2013
25. For Mothers Day 3/20/2013
26. Peace 7/6/2013
27. A Tune Of Life 10/23/2013
28. Secrets Of A Way 3/6/2014
29. Where Have The Cats Gone 11/20/2015
30. From Old To New! 1/3/2013
31. Our Divine Friend 3/10/2014
32. For I Will Consider The Fox 10/14/2015
33. God And Humanity 2/9/2013
34. Which Path? 2/16/2013
35. More Than A Story 6/24/2012
36. A Picture Of Autumn 6/18/2012
37. A Shadow In A Festival 6/1/2012
38. Searching 6/20/2012
39. Reflections On Connections 7/15/2012
40. A Rivers Journey 6/30/2012

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Best Poem of Linda May Fox

Darkness And Light

The darkness of the night
And the burning light in sight,
The stillness of silence
The darkness and loneliness.

A whisper of the world to come
Where day and night cross as one,
A glimmer of light
And a brush of the night.

All around,
Silence is a sound
Where living souls
Dressed in cloaks of darkness
Travel through the midnight hours
And hide away in the morning mist,
Giving way to the flame
That radiates with such warmth,
As the souls return to the light.

Day and night,
Dark and light,
All are one,
As the whisper ...

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A Never Ending Pool

The ripples of the never ending pool
So silent, as the rays sprinkle silver,
Creating a glittering spring
Of silence and beauty
Broken by the waves as they tumble into shore.

The hills have eyes as they rise up in all their splendour,
Encircling and hiding the life they survey
Till that life reaches out on a journey beyond

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