Linda Moore

Freshman - 729 Points (Indiana)

Linda Moore Poems

41. *who's Listening... 7/25/2009
42. * Billie Holiday (She Had Her Own) 10/22/2009
43. .inhale 11/19/2008
44. .where The Blue Kisses Green 12/26/2008
45. .soul Mate 12/18/2008
46. .the Gift 12/15/2008
47. .killing Takes No Reprieve 12/28/2008
48. *interlude's 7/1/2009
49. $$ Money $$ 1/19/2009
50. .hope 12/14/2008
51. A Mother's Prayer 2/10/2008
52. ' The Great I Am' 9/19/2008
Best Poem of Linda Moore

' The Great I Am'

In the dark still of night, a peaceful sleep
Jesus watches over, a vigil he keeps
He knows the wolf howling in the night
He sends it running, for him no fight

More Powerful than the terror, it bows to him
He is the Shield from evil and sin
Turned head, eyes on Jesus, Our Protector
Turned head, eyes on Jesus, Soul's Perfecter

The Author of all things and of Man
First Story writer, 'The Great I Am'
Almighty his pen, blessed are his Scribe
Eye's on Jesus, In Peace Abide

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Destinations In Mind

Eyes focused upward, head in a cloud
Aloft and freely floating, Castles in the Air
Turn down the volume, this World so loud
Quite, thoughtful, senses flair

Peace rushes out to meet me, calming my fear
Light streaming out the window, shadows fade to clear
Laughter ringing in the hallway, happiness is here
Loves warmth glows to dry the tears

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