Linda Neill Poet Digter

Rookie (South Africa)

Biography of Linda Neill Poet Digter

My poetry is written in English and Afrikaans.

I would like to share my poetry with you dear people.

I write about love, life, death, South Africa, tributes. I also celebrate about being a poet, life, nature and hope.

May my words inspire you, Kind regards from the Rainbow nation, Linda

Linda Neill Poet Digter's Works:

'Reënblom'(A selection of poetry by Linda Neill and other South African poets written in the Afrikaans Language)
'Reënblom' means rain flower in English Updates

I Am...

I am…
I am Eve
I am day
I am woman
God made me this way

I am…
I am rib
I am love
I am Adams' dove
Adam's love made me this way
Copyright belongs to Linda Neill

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