Linda Racaniello

Rookie (1966 / florida)

Biography of Linda Racaniello

A childless woman and without a man... but I got talent and wisdom that allows me to understand. I'm bigger than most, round in the tummy - gastric bypass is off. I got caught with narcotics - I am an addict and right now facing some time in prison or rehab or both.

hobbies: writing, reading historical fiction, gardening.

Linda Racaniello's Works:

There is a problem by posting on the internet anyone can take your work and call it theirs... so I stopped writing books, and now just enjoy my poems... It wasn't like I made a lot of money, in fact after putting together the book, and paying for publishing - I came out about even. Updates

His First Time

We walked along the river
With the sand between our toes
knowing this was the beginning
and our love began to grow

Hand in hand we waltzed
Under a sliver of the moon
Playing like little children
Dancing to a merry tune

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