Linda Racaniello

Rookie (1966 / florida)

Biography of Linda Racaniello

A childless woman and without a man... but I got talent and wisdom that allows me to understand. I'm bigger than most, round in the tummy - gastric bypass is off. I got caught with narcotics - I am an addict and right now facing some time in prison or rehab or both.

hobbies: writing, reading historical fiction, gardening.

Linda Racaniello's Works:

There is a problem by posting on the internet anyone can take your work and call it theirs... so I stopped writing books, and now just enjoy my poems... It wasn't like I made a lot of money, in fact after putting together the book, and paying for publishing - I came out about even. Updates


I'm no longer young and carefree,
my body is riddled with pain.
I look down at the ground
at a young reflection in the rain.

I ache to bend and touch her,
but she always vanishes away.
I miss the body of that girl
who could run and play.

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