Linda Stitt

Rookie (Huntsville, Ontario, Canada)

Biography of Linda Stitt

My mother read poetry to me when I was in her womb and I emerged, I am told, in Huntsville, Ontario, crying in iambic pentameter. With the encouragement of my parents, I was composing verses as soon as I could talk.

I was educated in Georgetown and Toronto and lived for many years in Thunder Bay, where I began a process of what Carl Sagan described as 'matter coming to consciousness.'

The exploration continues even now that I have exceeded my shelf life and surpassed my best before date.

'In view of the fact that my work has been known,
on occasion, to rhyme,
I consider myself an anachronism
in my own time.'

Linda Stitt's Works:

'Adjust Your Set' by National Heritage Books
'Bliss Pig and other poems' by National Heritage Books
'Insights and Outlooks' by National Heritage Books
'Passionate Intensity' by Serephim Editions Updates

War Zone

We go blindly into battle,
unable to see
that our own animosity
is the adversary.

If we lay waste the cities of our foe
and bomb their dwellings into dust,
we will not make our homes invulnerable.
Their misery will be our misery.

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