Linda Stroud

Rookie (08/17/1950 / Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, N.C.)

Biography of Linda Stroud

I was born on August 17th 1950, Mr.& Mrs. Jobe B.Huntley. I am the eldest of 6 brothers and 1 sister. I am married to Johnny T Stroud Sr.We have 8 children,14 grandchildren and 9 greatchildren. We live in Kannapolis, N.C. a very samll town.It was after the death of my Mother that I began to write poems/poetry. It seemed like everything me was crying out for comfort. I found comfort in writing, because it gave me a chance to write everything I have always felt and was never able to say. It was like a hidden talent sprang forth out of nowhere. I am very thankful to God for what He has allowed me to do with a pen and pencil.My father passed away on June 29th 2000, my Mom Passed away on April 27th 2003 and from that time til now I have spent hours and hours writing.I get great joy out of writing not only to satisfy the pain I have but for others also. As of now, I am a 55 year old high school graduate, and went on to college majoring in Early Childhood. God has been good to me and I have got to be good for Him. I do hope everyone that reads my poems enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Updates

In My Big Crayon Box

In my big crayon box
I found a beautiful rainbow,
I found different races of people
That I would just love to know.

I looked at the yellow crayon
Then I stared at the brown and black,
I said to myself we're all the same
So why put each other down?

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