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'My songs do not belong to me.' That was how Sara Teasdale described her poems in her poem 'My Heart is Heavy.'I love reading Sara Teasdale poems, and I must say that she is such a great inspiration for me.
Sara is right.When we, poets, write poems, mainly those romantic ones, we dedicate them to someone else, so they don't belong to us anymore.
I write poems since my fourteen years old.I write poems as in my own language (portuguese) , as in english.I also love reading poems in both languages, although I do need to dig my knowledge up in this field more and more.I am a great poetry's lover as it's described on my title above, and I think about reading and writing poems in a third language in the future, too.
Firstly, I would like to invite you to read my own concept about poetry and my poems, before you start reading them:

'My poems rhyme as new songs
In every each word, a little piece of myself.
My heart shows itself, it comes along
with all my love, between the lines.

Broken hearts, cold winters and loneliness
You will find, be my guest.
But if love also left you fallen on the ground once
Take one for you, maybe you will find a relief on them.'

'The poetry is a language of the soul.The poet is an artist.The poems are their pictures.The colours are his days with all the experiences and moments that he lives in a lifetime.The way you feel, the way you think, the way you write.It's like to change feelings in lyrics, thoughts in lyrics.The poet sees beyond his eyes, cause he can capture even the farest images for the human being.And also the smallest ones.He draws all the most beautiful pictures of the life, love and even death, and become them in poems.Because that's what all the poets are - they are artists of life! ! '

In my pastime I also love drawing.It's my first love and second passion after the poetry.

Thank you a lot for your time...
I really appreciate that! ! Updates

'Spring In Love'

'kiss me, baby
or kill me...'

Sing little bird...
Sing a beautiful song
When the sunset comes...
In my bed
Where she sleeps

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