Lindsay Elise

Biography of Lindsay Elise

I am a typical 17 year old girl. I hang out with my friends, go to the beach, and love a boy I can't have. I gaze at the stars at night and find myself too wrapped up into movies- stories of wonderful lives that aren't mine. I have witnessed no life-changing experiences. I am lucky to have the life I live, I have felt no serious hurt in my few years, and yet I write anyways. Many think a good artist must be tragic, he must have lived through something terrible and devastating. But I'm here writing about my life and the world I live in- through the eyes of youth and inexperience. I hope you like what you find. Updates


Give me something of yours
To remember you by.
Don’t I deserve it?
With all the emotion I supply?
You’re drinking all my memories
With a translucent straw
Because the memories I kept as ice
Are now beginning to thaw.
It’s not fair that you should have them.

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