Lipstick Casanova

Biography of Lipstick Casanova

Hey there, I am a wandering soul and somewhere along the lines, I found this place. I write poetry much, often to express myself and it's not normally for anyone else's eyes but mine. I'm just curious as to what other people think. You may call me whiney, and depressed - which I may very well be, but I'd like your thoughts and comments. Updates

Will Love

Twisted and churning, my blood will cease,
My spiked and brittle organ has slown it's pace,
(There's nothing but a dull throb)
Working like sap through my veins,
Then stopping at my arms.
My hands are numb and purple,
My lips a livid blue,
As dark as the blackened center of my eye
With slight red blush; deepening crimson mouth,

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