Lipstick Casanova

Biography of Lipstick Casanova

Hey there, I am a wandering soul and somewhere along the lines, I found this place. I write poetry much, often to express myself and it's not normally for anyone else's eyes but mine. I'm just curious as to what other people think. You may call me whiney, and depressed - which I may very well be, but I'd like your thoughts and comments. Updates


I fell asleep yesterday and I woke up today in another world,
One full of passionate hate, crimes of the wicked and the innocent.
I closed my eyes this morning, dreamt of tomorrow's world,
The perfect world, always tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, it starts all over again.
New news, old fires,
It's a world not meant to live, to be lived in.
When will we learn, that we won't,

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