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1. X What A Bad Night. X 11/28/2008
2. X I Stuck Up To The Bullies X 11/29/2008
3. X Homeless X 11/29/2008
4. X More Then Feelings For You X 11/29/2008
5. X Help Why Me X 12/2/2008
6. X Man Dem X 12/2/2008
7. X You X 12/2/2008
8. X We Belong Together X 12/2/2008
9. X Do You Ever Wonder? X 11/29/2008
10. X Dont Let These Boys Fall You X 11/29/2008
11. X I Cant Believe I Am Giving You Another Chance X 12/2/2008
12. X This Is Twisted X 12/2/2008
13. X Parents X 12/3/2008
14. X How Does It Feel? X 12/5/2008
15. X Love X 12/5/2008
16. X Teenage Boys X 12/6/2008
17. X Tha Trueh About Mums X 12/6/2008
18. X Have You Ever X 12/6/2008
19. X What Do You Call? X 12/6/2008
20. X I Really Didnt Mean To X 12/18/2008
21. X Relgion X 12/18/2008
22. X Hope X 12/18/2008
23. X Friends And Friendship X 12/18/2008
24. X She Feels So Nasty And Its All Because Of You X 12/28/2008
25. X Sorry X 2/16/2009
26. X My Soul Called Friends Set Me Up X 2/16/2009
27. X I Think I Am Ready To Let You Go X 12/2/2008
28. X Deserted Island X 12/2/2008
29. X One Arguement X 12/2/2008
30. X Words X 12/6/2008
31. X Stop The Violence X 12/3/2008
32. X Relationships X 12/3/2008
33. X If You Don’t Like Me X 12/6/2008
34. X Don’t Forget To Write Back Mum X 6/9/2009
35. X All I Know Is That Love X 12/5/2008
36. X I Miss You X 12/6/2008
37. X The Nasty Female Dog X 12/28/2008
38. X Lifes Meaning X 12/18/2008
39. X Me And My Man X 11/29/2008
40. X A Junior Soldier’s Promise X 11/29/2008

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Best Poem of Lisa Anderson

X Yes I Am That Girl X

I am that girl who is wanted
I am that girl who understands people
I am that girl who tells the truth
I am that girl who you can tell your secrets to
I am that girl whose heart has been broken
I am that girl who finishes fights
I am that girl who still studies her books
I am that girl who is a typical teenager
I am that girl who liver in west London
I am that girl who’s always friendly
I am that girl who will fight for her rights
I am that girl who has planned her life
I am that girl who respects everyone for who they are
I am that girl who will tell you ...

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X Me And My Man X

I will kill for my man
He will murder for me

I will never cheat on my man
He would not even think about cheating on me

I love my mans attention
He adores me and my attention

My man knows I write poems about him
I know that my man raps about me

By Lisa Anderson

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