Lisa Bray

Rookie (12/11/93-00/00/00 / indiana, Indianapolis)

Lisa Bray Poems

1. I See Dark! 11/20/2008
2. She Will Fight The Gods Of Hell And Heavens! 11/22/2008
3. Im A Queen. I Will 11/22/2008
4. 'You Said' 11/29/2008
5. The Lost Angels 12/14/2008
6. Only One Key! 12/17/2008
7. War 1977! 12/23/2008
8. Truth And Pain Of The Slowly Fading Memorys! 12/26/2008
9. Ill Fly Bowing My Fangs 1/8/2009
10. Tears Of A Lost Child 1/12/2009
11. My Tears No Longer Fall For My Sins 1/12/2009
12. The Left Behind Never Loved Only Lied To 1/14/2009
13. Its Time 1/15/2009
14. 1 She Called You Where Were U When She Called 1/26/2009
15. In The Dark He Waits For Her To Come For Him 1/30/2009
16. Run 2/15/2009
17. Heart Of Gold 4/4/2009
18. Becaused You Loved Me 4/14/2009
19. Me 4/16/2009
20. He Is Hurt What Can I Do? 4/19/2009
21. Break Down On Her Way 1/27/2009
22. Broken Under Presher The Wolf Of The Creaters Fangs :) 6/3/2009
23. About Me N U 6/3/2009
24. Lost 6/5/2009
25. Hidden Lies 6/7/2009
26. O, My Child 6/4/2009
27. Ending Days Of Faithful Memorys 6/7/2009
28. Time Slows To A Stop 6/7/2009
29. My Life 6/18/2009
30. The Other Night 7/5/2009
31. Twotailed 7/8/2009
32. Before Me 7/8/2009
33. Power Of Hellsting Book 2 (Sneek Peek) Copy An Die! 7/9/2009
34. Deep An Dark 7/31/2009
35. Long Gone To War 8/2/2009
36. The Darkness 8/20/2009
37. Golden Furs 8/21/2009
38. The Waiting Silents 8/29/2009
39. Darkness 11/27/2009
40. 1 Falling 11/28/2009

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Best Poem of Lisa Bray

I Will Cry Tonight

tonight i will cry for my sins.
for i love someone so sweet.
i have the family most don't even have.
ill cry for what i don't have
i don't have my father standing beside me.
i don't have a best friend to tell goodbye when i die.
i don't have a child to stand bye my side just yet any
ill cry for the ones that r gone.
ill cry for the one who died in war
the ones who are lost in hell
for Little Kelly who's family murdered and put in the river to never be found.
ill cry for every reason i can find in the world.
ill cry just by being happy to hear the ...

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The Fading Truth 2

when i find ill tell him i must have him before i die or ill suffer for sins of my fathers he'll not know why all he will is i love him.
if i had a baby girl i want her name to be Elizabeth Lynn.
if i had a baby boy his name will be Edward William .
if i don't get a little one ill die with out knowing what it feels like to have some one to call my child.
and ill see my lover be a father ill be sad but at lest I'll get a 2ed Chang's to live.
and see the light that god had made my home!

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