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Well my name is lisa, I guess.
I have 2 brothers name ericc and amaletto.
Now. I live in North america, Not australia, I know my profile thing said i was born in Australia which im not. x.x Anyways.. Im 11 years old. I guess, My birthday is in September 12,2011.
My dad died when i was 9-10 Years old.
Im a 5th Grade Student, At Ben Martin Elementary School, And yes i acutally do love someone, (x. I was born at North Carolina. (Which i live now) I was born with a happy family that always fight. Just kidding at the last part. xD! Anyways im Native America, My favorite animal is: Wolves. (x
My favortie color: Blue, Black, Red, And purple.
My favorite movies: Alpha and omega, Elfen lied, Wolfs rain, Red riding hood, Twilight.
My favorite Video games: All the guitar heros, All the halo games, Modern warfare: 2&3.
And i guess thats it. (:
Anymore questions? Inbox i guess.
Bye! (:

Lisa Chicharello's Works:

I dont write books. T_T Updates

The Lonely Souls

The lonely souls wanders
Alone in the walks of life
No other souls as their companion
The lonely souls wanders

Alone in the daybreak
they've done their duties
In the walks of life
The lonely souls wanders

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