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Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson Poems

41. The Future Mrs.Bling- Fun 8/21/2006
42. Haiku-My Angel 6/4/2006
43. Haiku-Feel The Energy 6/4/2006
44. Haiku-Bonnie Fields 6/4/2006
45. Haiku-My Angel 2 6/7/2006
46. Haiku-A Rainy Day 6/9/2006
47. Haiku- Solitude 6/11/2006
48. Tanka-Heart Of The Forest 3/30/2007
49. Tanka-Sweet Contemplation 3/30/2007
50. Rondeau- Upon The Mound 3/31/2007
51. Tanka-Aroma Rose 4/4/2007
52. Picture Of You 4/4/2007
53. 6 Steps To A Lung Journey 4/8/2007
54. Tanka-Dimensions 4/10/2007
55. Tanka-Trees Of Individuality 4/4/2007
56. Haiku-Poppies 6/23/2006
57. My Inspiration 6/7/2006
58. Morning Mis-Hap! -Fun 5/29/2006
59. Beaches 5/11/2006
60. Gypsy. 5/11/2006
61. Isolation 5/18/2006
62. Haiku-Moon And Stars 6/4/2006
63. Asbo City-Fun 8/29/2006
64. Haiku-Earth 4/7/2007
65. Tanka-Butterfly Of Innocence 3/30/2007
66. Tanka-Warmth Of The Soul 6/4/2006
67. Jambo The Gorilla (True Story) 5/11/2006
68. Over The Rainbow 6/2/2006
69. A Pantoum - Alone On The Hillside 6/9/2006
70. A Pantoum- Dancing Under The Stars 6/11/2006
71. Naughty Nursery Rhymes Again 6/2/2006
72. Tanka- Palm Beach 3/30/2007
73. Haiku - Rainbow Light 6/4/2006
74. When We Were Young 5/28/2006
75. Virtual Rainbows- A Duet Of Friendship 3/24/2007

Comments about Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

  • David Harris (3/30/2007 5:49:00 PM)

    Today I accidentally pressed one of Lisa's poem and found myself in a wonderful place. I began to read one and then another and another. Lisa has a wonderful way of bringing colour, harmony and compassion to her poems. Her style is not too dissimilar to my own. If time allowed I could read them all night and day. But to anyone who reads this, Lisa is a great poet who will enrich you with lovely words. I'm glad I accidentally pressed that poem this morning.

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  • Andrew Castillo (6/11/2006 2:10:00 AM)

    I've really enjoyed reading Lisa's poetry. They have such compassion that many poets often lack. Her haikus are masterpieces and should have their own collection.


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  • Duncan Wyllie (6/10/2006 3:32:00 PM)

    I am really enjoying Lisa's strong yet innocent approach to life, when it bites she puts a plaster on it, when it hurts she smiles with warmth in her eyes, and when she cries I feel as if I want to cry too. She shows such a wonderful skill and style in her poetry
    Thankyou Lisa, may the sun shine in your garden of flowers
    Love Duncan X

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  • Jolanta Gradowicz (6/10/2006 10:51:00 AM)

    You are a master haiku writer, Lisa!

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  • Deanna More Deanna More (6/4/2006 2:01:00 AM)

    Lisa's personality and bountiful wit are transmitted very well through her poetry which is always a delight to read. Truly special to me is the glimpse of her benevolent nature and dispostion for kind deeds which is so apparent and so notable! Lisa pens verse...with her Heart as her guide.

    Deanna More

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  • Red Blooded Black Hearted (6/1/2006 8:58:00 PM)

    Lisa you rock, all your poems have meaning with a little laugh to. I love looking at all of your work, never stop writing.
    Hugs, Rissa: -)
    P.S., I love your poems, ALL OF THEM!

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  • Leigh A. Hill (6/1/2006 8:40:00 PM)

    so glad to be one of the first to comment on Lisa! This wonderful lady has been like a mother to me ever since i came onto the site. Her poems express so much of an inner sweetness! Her daughter danielle is an awesome penpal, and i am so excited to know both of these people.
    much love,

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  • Jerry Hughes (6/1/2006 5:45:00 PM)

    I'm astonished there aren't comments on Lisa's poems. She's a talented writer and we're lucky to have her on the P H site. So come on peers, give the lady a well deserved hand. Clap, clap clap...

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Best Poem of Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Virtual Rainbows- A Duet Of Friendship

Part 1- By Pam
A virtual world that led us
To see the lives we lead
I wanted a friend to talk to
And a friend you said you need.
We came across each other
We have shared our true emotions
And now our friendship's sailing
Like a ship across the ocean.
I really have been enjoying All the stories that we share
Despite how far you are from me You have shown you really care.
I hope to be the same with you And be there for your call
And when the sadness faces us We can stop each other's fall.
And when I see a rainbow I know just what to do
I will stop...

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Were You There?

You left my life but were you still there?
When I needed some guidance and someone to care.
Within my heart you warmed my soul
As my faith went slipping down a black hole
My life looked bleak, I felt nothing at all
Could pick me up so I had to fall
As I lay on rock bottom shone a glimmer of light
Energising inside me needing to fight
For years I searched for answers

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