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Rookie (Born: 1994)

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  • Tina Marie Clark (4/14/2009 9:56:00 PM)

    I'm Here Friend!

    I'll Over Come

    To you I may seem very weak

    yet inside my soul you see is

    a plate made of steel, from

    that plate my soul shall heal

    sometimes life seems so unfair

    as if no one really cares if I

    win or lose, it's really up to me

    to choose, day turn into to night

    slow, I wonder which way should

    I go, left, right, which way is safe?

    dear Lord give us our daily bread

    when it's all said and done

    ' I'll Over Come '

    POET: Tina Marie Clark

    Copyright: 1993

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Into the dreamland slowly I creep
Into the land I vist in my sleep
What lies ahead I can't be sure
Something sweet, something scary, something nice or maybe gore

It turns into a mystery I can't seem to solve
So many things it seems to involve
There seems to be things that arn't really real
Like flying pigs I mean what's the deal?

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