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Lisa John Poems

1. Why Daddy? 4/14/2011
2. Can'T Move On 4/14/2011
3. Broken Arrow 4/15/2011
4. Feelings 4/16/2011
5. Autumn 4/16/2011
6. Secrets 4/16/2011
7. Simple 4/16/2011
8. Moody May 4/16/2011
9. Moody May (The Sequel) 4/16/2011
10. Black Angel 4/16/2011
11. It It Too Late 4/18/2011
12. Speak To Me 4/18/2011
13. All I Ask 4/18/2011
14. What A Great Dad! ! ! ! Not 4/19/2011
15. Willow Tree 4/13/2011
16. A Myth 4/16/2011
17. Winter Cloak 7/29/2011
18. Your Eyes 4/14/2011
19. Happy? 8/10/2011
20. Symptoms 8/11/2011
21. Solved Mystery 8/11/2011
22. My Apology 8/11/2011
23. Dead Then Alive 3/19/2012
24. I Miss The Old Me 8/10/2011
25. Can I Go Home Now 4/18/2011
26. Miss Havishams Letter 4/19/2011

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Miss Havishams Letter

The sun rises in the morning,
And the sky bursts open with light.
I*ll just lie here mourning
As all hope is out of sight

The sky is smiling,
A multicoloured smile
While I sit here frowning
Because apparently it’s my style

Time is running fast
But can’t it just freeze
As I dread what tomorrow holds
If time doesn’t cease

So the world can carry on
While I stay here
Trapped in this time frame
With just one salty tear

In my white wedding dress
Dirty and deformed
Bitter old alone,
But its my fault as I was ...

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Sadness creeps up on you
Like the coldness in the night,
But when it gets too cold,
Happiness is out of sight!

Happiness is like light
In the middle of the day
But then it gets ruined
By the darkness that comes that way!

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