Lisa Marie Mottert

Biography of Lisa Marie Mottert

Writing poetry since the age of seven from her childhood home on the Jersey Shore, Lisa Marie Mottert, continues to write poetry, and her work is published on several writing sites.

Ms. Mottert proudly graduated from the prestigious Institute of Children's Literature in 2011. She studied Special Publishing.

Three of Ms. Mottert's poems are published in hardcover anthologies. One of her poems is published in the hardcover anthology, The Best Poems and Poets of 2005 by Watermark Press. She's in the process of writing and publishing a poetry book, and children's book.

Ms. Mottert resides with her loving husband Ken at their home in Virginia. She is in awe, and inspired by her entire family.

Lisa Marie Mottert's Works:

Anthologies Updates

Cascade Of Heart

Waterfall of my perpetual mind
Stream of love is generously kind
Rapid life sings a melody in abundance-
Omitting havoc and empty reluctance.

Life embraces the current of time
Heart pounds with season and rhyme
Majestic cascade flows like soft wine-
Boisterous beauty is rare to find.

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