Lisa Nickle

Rookie [L.R. NIckle] (January 1990 / Clearwater, Florida)

Biography of Lisa Nickle

Born into circumstance little different than others, I have a mother and father, a sister. I conquered childhood with stick swords and lined paper wide enough for well practiced script. I was the smiling girl in high school with wide hips and terrible fashion sense, writing in a spiral school book in every spare second. I once favored pencil over pen, perhaps afraid of my own voice, but as I grew older I found I liked leaving a stain on the world. I studied words whenever I could whether by reading or trying my hand. Was inspired by teachers, the best of the best. They made me want to inspire too. This is why I recently graduated with a degree in Education.

At present, I live in China, teaching English to a society that has a hard time making room for creativity. Too many people fighting for too many jobs, and higher education means studying til you drop. But I love it. The city can be as dirty or as beautiful as you wish to see it. I prefer to keep my eyes from ugly things. Updates

Night's Solicitation

And when the night starts knocking at your door
I want you to remember
when we owned the night.
I mean put it in its place,
zapped the life right out of it
The moments we spent
dancing with dreams
and dappling in things our mothers would have shunned.

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