Lisa Nickle

Rookie [L.R. NIckle] (January 1990 / Clearwater, Florida)

Biography of Lisa Nickle

Born into circumstance little different than others, I have a mother and father, a sister. I conquered childhood with stick swords and lined paper wide enough for well practiced script. I was the smiling girl in high school with wide hips and terrible fashion sense, writing in a spiral school book in every spare second. I once favored pencil over pen, perhaps afraid of my own voice, but as I grew older I found I liked leaving a stain on the world. I studied words whenever I could whether by reading or trying my hand. Was inspired by teachers, the best of the best. They made me want to inspire too. This is why I recently graduated with a degree in Education.

At present, I live in China, teaching English to a society that has a hard time making room for creativity. Too many people fighting for too many jobs, and higher education means studying til you drop. But I love it. The city can be as dirty or as beautiful as you wish to see it. I prefer to keep my eyes from ugly things. Updates

Sunday Morning

I am a tangle of hair
drunk on sleep
limbs heavy
rooted to silken sheets
Yet you see me
as though morning light
were God’s very face
shining on we two
making angels of us both

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