Lisa West

Rookie (2031-1985 / Earth)

Biography of Lisa West

Things I like: Mixing and recording music, playing my army of guitars, my keyboard, making video compositions and Poetry! !
I love the sound of rain on a tin roof, a train whistles late on a hot summer night, crickets, smell of breakfast cooking.
Also included are epiphanies, melodic voices, every type of music, art, passion, acts of kindness and wisdom, souls and infinity.
(Gee, when I write it down, it kind duh makes me look like a space cadet! LoL I’m a working professional making light of a serious world with a quick and cheerful wit. Ok Ok, I’ll shut up now. Ummmm No I won’t. hee hee.)

Lisa West's Works:

No books - but does youtube count? Updates

Promise Me...

Words like water drip on your mind and flood your thoughts.

Spinning ever deeper inexorably, relentless in its quest.

Having tasted, wants more, a hunger that must be sated.

Come with me and bathe in the crystal light that sleeps between your thighs.

Follow the stars in your eyes..

Promise me... lisa =^.^=

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