Lisa Zaran

Rookie (September 26,1969 / Los Angeles, California)

Lisa Zaran Poems

1. Homeless 7/4/2010
2. Dedication To Those Unfairly Undone 12/14/2008
3. The Troubled Boy 7/21/2006
4. For A Girl 7/4/2010
5. Confession 7/4/2010
6. Subtraction Flower 7/21/2006
7. Punishment 2/21/2015
8. Fractions 2/21/2015
9. The Unnameable 2/21/2015
10. Grief 2/21/2015
11. Where's Your Tambourine Now, Sleeping Bear? 7/19/2005
12. Sanctuary 4/27/2007
13. Lingering 3/5/2006
14. Go On 4/27/2007
15. The Great Ones 7/20/2005
16. The Men In My Dreams 5/30/2005
17. Tenderness 4/27/2007
18. Love Is Believable 7/21/2006
19. A Dream Of Her Concern 3/5/2006
20. The Blues Are All The Same 7/19/2005
21. The Best Thing 6/13/2004
22. Girl 7/20/2005
23. Hair 6/13/2004
24. Rivers 7/19/2005
25. Absolving The Eye 6/13/2004
26. How We Are 5/30/2005
27. Talking To My Father Whose Ashes Sit In A Closet And Listen 7/20/2005
Best Poem of Lisa Zaran

Talking To My Father Whose Ashes Sit In A Closet And Listen

Death is not the final word.
Without ears, my father still listens,
still shrugs his shoulders
whenever I ask a question he doesn't want to answer.

I stand at the closet door, my hand on the knob,
my hip leaning against the frame and ask him
what does he think about the war in Iraq
and how does he feel about his oldest daughter
getting married to a man she met on the Internet.

Without eyes, my father still looks around.
He sees what I am trying to do, sees that I
have grown less passive with his passing,
understands my need for answers ...

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How We Are

Pale scrapings of people
with lipstick ringed glasses
and cigarettes burning,
and laughter trickling up and down
their knotty throats.
What is this,
a gathering of henhouse critics?

My father's voice in the back of my head,

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