Ahmed Kamal Khusro 08 September 2020
This is pure poetry. By the Grace of Allah, she is able to combine emotion and intelligence in a unique and creative way. Here metaphors are sharp and real, and bristle with meaning. I like her poetry, Alhamdolillah.
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Heather Ggilbert 25 July 2020
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Vivian Sperez 25 July 2020
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Maria Stracke 22 December 2019
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Mahtab Bangalee 20 February 2019
Lisel Mueller the name of FULL MOON of literature
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Mr.alex Acd 01 January 2019
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Susan Hill 09 May 2014
I'd just finished writing a lyrical letter to my grandmother (dead for over thirty years) about how the world is becoming more transparent and mystical since I've grown older and am now a grandmother when I read Mueller's poem. Lisel Mueller captured the beauty of aging-able to see, finally, the gracefulness that seems to magically appear. That we could not see the world in such poetic beauty when we were young, I now understand. I refuse the operation to restore the sight of youth, as well.
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Pam Crane 08 May 2014
'Monet Refuses the Operation is so utterly beautiful, I want to share it with my Writers' Club. What a sensitive and expressive poet is Lisel!
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David Harris 08 May 2014
I loved Monet refuses the operation. It rings so many bells - bells I have only discovered in the decade or so since I retired and have time for reflection. It's the time when old age has led me to focus on what is really valuable in life, and imagination and dreams are right at the top of the list - up there with love.
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William Goldman 08 May 2014
Of Monet refuses the Operation, I like the line Doctor, if only you could see how heaven pulls earth into its arms
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Finally! A contemporary, or modern, poet whose work appeals to me. Thank you.
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Patricia Lamb 24 August 2013
It's my Birthday, it's Christmas, it's all the best days of the year in one- I am as excited as any child on that day- because I have just discovered your works Lisel- out with Neruda, in with Mueller, my new favourite poet- oh yum and yum and yum. Delicious- how have I not met you till now? Excuse me now- off to hunt for your books -such mouthwatering anticipation, such a feast to sit down to. Thankyou thankyou thankyou, Lady.
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Harry Hopkins iii 10 May 2012
Loved Monet Refuses The Operation...a wonderful enchanted walk in the heart and mind....: -)
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Claudia Moline 08 May 2012
Thanks for sending me one of her poems. I'm only discovering her today and mean to keep on reading her from now on. Loved what I've read so far. Subtle, moving, wise.High quality literature.
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