Lissa White

Lissa White Poems

1. Only Existing 2/12/2008
2. Dance Around Heaven 2/12/2008
3. As She Watches From Above 2/12/2008
4. Tony's Tears 2/12/2008
5. Waiting For The Wonderful 2/12/2008
6. I See Clearly 2/12/2008
7. The Hole 2/12/2008
8. Broken Angel 2/12/2008
9. Broken Spirit 2/12/2008
10. I Want To Make Your Heart Beat Just For Me 2/3/2008
11. Do You Know..... 2/10/2008
12. Meaning Of Life 2/12/2008
13. Little Children 2/12/2008
14. I Would Of Loved You Anyway 5/6/2008
15. My Journey 8/24/2008
16. Captive 8/24/2008
17. Zita 8/19/2009
18. A Man Of Contradiction 8/24/2008
19. Ode To A Dude 4/28/2008
20. Escape 2/12/2008
21. Someone Died Today 2/12/2008
22. Gone With The Wind 2/12/2008
23. To You I Am Bound 3/7/2008
24. The Fog Of My Broken Heart 3/18/2008
25. Depression 2/12/2008
26. For Only A Moment 2/12/2008

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Best Poem of Lissa White

For Only A Moment

For only a moment
I felt alive
I felt wanted
For only a moment
I felt young
I felt free
For only a moment
I felt affection
I felt cared for
For only a moment
I felt needed
I felt loved
But for only a moment
Now that moment is gone
It ran its course
Now just a sweet memory
Forever in my mind
That no one can take away from me
But I had it all
But for only a moment.

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Someone Died Today

Someone died today
How sad for those involved
Problem solved
According to the state
Calling it justice, not hate.
But they all have blood on their hands
Even if it’s the law of the land
Each of us, who are tax payers
Whether or not we’re players

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