Litan Dey Biography

One who starts his life with nothing in a bank account, with an empty family purse, with starving days and with a bony (Meagre) family, has enough to contribute to the welfare of the universe.

My name is LITAN DEY and I born with a reassuring scream for my family in July 15th,1989. I grew up in Udaipur, the lake city of Tripura, India and started school there. I had finished my college with a degree in hand “Civil Engineer” in 2012. My masters’ degree in “Water Resource Engineering” has ended well in 2014 with a huge inspiration for the doctoral degree in “River Mechanics or River Engineering”.

I currently am working in an engineering college as a lecturer. I love teaching in a friendly and happy environment.

As I believe, Poetry is the farthest vision, highest waves in the profound, Orphean tune of the wind, Undaunted race of ink…Pen has tears over which it flows; Men have love, intuition, grief, and greed, what the pen marks on both sides of its flow-path. I got my first award for short story writing competition, one hour time with an uncertain topic, in my undergraduate School. I never write a short story before and after that completion. A few poems of mine have recited in several school and college functions during my student life.

Poetry is in my blood and it pokes me continually when I am sad or alone. I do not write poems more often rather gathering enough evidence, from the surrounding world, for writing. My most poems are in my mother tongue, Bengali. I love watching movies, singing, listening music, especially soft music, travelling, playing tricky games, etc. I got easily addicted to anything that I like.

Litan Dey Popular Poems
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