Little Star

Rookie (Cebu City, Philippines)

Little Star Poems

41. Together 7/13/2007
42. No More 7/27/2007
43. Where Was That Dream 7/29/2007
44. Draw A Line 7/29/2007
45. Hopeless 7/29/2007
46. Loving Hands 8/2/2007
47. It's Raining 8/2/2007
48. Time 8/17/2007
49. Let Me Be 10/5/2007
50. Magic She Brings 12/23/2007
51. The Song That Was Never Sung 1/1/2008
52. Bring Me My Wings 1/2/2008
53. Stealing The Show 1/2/2008
54. If You Feel Like Lovin' Me 1/3/2008
55. I'Ve Found A Place 1/12/2008
56. Crazy Love 1/23/2008
57. Grape Memories 1/24/2008
58. Happy Valentine's Day 2/12/2008
59. Beautiful Charms On Valentine’s Day 2/12/2008
60. Midnight Reverie 7/15/2007
61. Happy Or Sad? 7/23/2007
62. Always There 2/21/2008
63. Like The Monsoon Wind 2/23/2008
64. Healed With Time 2/28/2008
65. How Come I Not Know 2/28/2008
66. In His Eyes 2/28/2008
67. Our Love Song 3/17/2008
68. Something In His Eyes 3/21/2008
69. Aela The Winner 4/4/2008
70. For More And More Of You 4/16/2008
71. The Voice That Cries Within 5/28/2008
72. The Devil She Was 8/9/2008
73. Why Can'T I 8/31/2008
74. Coming Home 9/12/2008
75. When Passion Ends 9/18/2008
76. What 9/26/2008
77. Stage Play 9/29/2008
78. Invisible 10/28/2008
79. Too Late Now 11/1/2008
80. Lost 11/4/2008
Best Poem of Little Star

A Friend I Need

Just stay around as a friend
Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
Never leave my side and let me alone
Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on
Every word you'd say now comes as a cure
Comfort me when I'm sad and unsure
All that I have seemed to tear me down
As if the world is turning upside down
Unload the burden from my weary soul
Make me smile through thick, thin and all
Put me where I could be happy as I can be
Don't leave my side so you could catch me when I fall
Not that I wanted you to suffer with me too
Go not please, but ...

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A Song In My Heart

If we were meant for each other
Why should I lose you now
Why can't I fight for our love
I feel hopeless and alone
Why don't you try to find me
When you're lonely and blue
Why should you let me lose you
And let me cry all alone
If we were meant for each other

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