Little Star Poems

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The Magic Spell

My brave and chivalrous knight
What spell you cast these words now I write
For long a time they lingered unspoken and died
You dig them out and gave them life

Let It Go

She closed her eyes
But could not sleep
She heard the fan rambling above her
Dogs barking in the neighborhood

When Will It End

I thought I have shed all the tears
I thought I have overcome all the fears
I thought all the scars have healed
But why sad memories kept creeping in still?

You Will Always Be My Valentine

Reading through your old letters
Brought me back those happy memories
When we got married, you became the air I breathe
You were the most wonderful guy in the world

Last Card

I died
A thousand deaths

Why Can'T I

Why do tears still keep falling
Why can’t I simply ignore the pain
Why can’t I just forget it all
When there’s nothing there anymore

Coming Home

Home is where you are
Here in my heart
Where you would always stay with ME
Forever in every day

Our Love Song

Someone played our love song
The music filled the air
I remember our happy memories
The love we had, sweet and tender

Something In His Eyes

There is something in his eyes
That burned like flame
Melting me like snow
In the open lane

Aela The Winner

Aela, who seems so sweet
Eagerly writing from your heart so true
Losing yourself in your thoughts that are never blue
As you look deep within your soul