Little Star

Rookie (Cebu City, Philippines)

Little Star Poems

121. Going To Work 2/6/2009
122. How I See You 6/27/2007
123. Friends Come And Go 2/23/2008
124. Apart In Time 7/27/2007
125. Black Tales 7/17/2007
126. Who Can Save 6/23/2007
127. How 10/2/2007
128. One Dismal Day 6/14/2007
129. Gift Of Faith 5/24/2007
130. Come Home To Me 3/22/2009
131. Listen 4/2/2009
132. Memories 3/13/2008
133. I Promise 9/13/2008
134. You Don'T Need Me Anymore 9/11/2008
135. John 3: 16 2/21/2008
136. My Wish 5/2/2007
137. A Song In My Heart 4/30/2007
138. Illusion 5/30/2007
139. Old Letters, Faded Photographs 6/18/2007
140. Again 10/28/2008
141. A Lot To Learn 5/2/2007
142. Please 7/15/2007
143. A Small Request 6/25/2007
144. A Moon Without A Face 5/2/2007
145. Don'T Fake Death 6/20/2007
146. A Little Lady's Prayer 5/17/2007
147. Alone 7/14/2007
148. Thank You For My Children 6/27/2007
149. A Love So Warm 6/7/2007
150. A Friend I Need 5/2/2007
Best Poem of Little Star

A Friend I Need

Just stay around as a friend
Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
Never leave my side and let me alone
Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on
Every word you'd say now comes as a cure
Comfort me when I'm sad and unsure
All that I have seemed to tear me down
As if the world is turning upside down
Unload the burden from my weary soul
Make me smile through thick, thin and all
Put me where I could be happy as I can be
Don't leave my side so you could catch me when I fall
Not that I wanted you to suffer with me too
Go not please, but ...

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Last Night

Last night as I was lying in my bed
My thoughts wandered through in space
My deepest desire is to see us together
Holding each other's hands
Folded in each other's arms
I never knew love could be this horrible
But at the same time beautiful
Horrible it is seemed to be
Because it steals away my sleeping hours

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