Liv Mealone

Rookie (17March / nansiakan)

Biography of Liv Mealone

Liv Mealone poet

Liv Mealone is an insomniac who draws inspiration from real life experiences of her own and of other people who are closely associated with her. She writes her verses during the wee hours of the morning while trying to tire her eyes out so she could sleep.

She loves God, she loves life, and she loves love.

She is inspired by sorrow more than joy, by wrath more than warmth, by romance more than love. But a mixture of all pairs is the best inspiration of all!

Liv Mealone's Works:

2. Updates

Only To Love

The rain has stopped falling
The sun's finally smiling
The leaves are waving
The flowers are grinning.

The tears stopped falling
The mind has quit asking
The soul stopped searching
The heart began singing.

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