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Liv Mealone Poems

1. Deserted 12/12/2006
2. Insomniac 12/12/2006
3. Only To Love 12/12/2006
4. What I Want To Be 12/12/2006
5. Oh When December Comes 12/12/2006
6. Here 9/26/2008
7. Thanks 9/26/2008
8. Daphne Marie 10/5/2008
9. Run, My Heart 12/12/2006
10. I Can'T 9/8/2008
11. No Brainy = A Poet's Block 10/7/2008
12. Cannot Unlove 10/9/2008
13. Breathe, Oh Day 10/9/2008
14. I Wish For... 2/1/2009
15. Mine Is The Glory (The Pentateuch Acrostics) 10/10/2008
16. Igorota 10/6/2008
17. Hurts 12/12/2006
18. Heaven's Eyes 12/12/2006
19. In Memory Of The Lost One 12/12/2006
20. Forever To Share 10/9/2008
21. Crushed 10/10/2008
22. Let God Hold Your Hand 9/26/2008
23. The Book 10/9/2008
24. Malay Mo 10/8/2008
25. Only A Dream 6/8/2009

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Best Poem of Liv Mealone

Only A Dream

If I am the night
You are a beautiful dream that leaves me wanting for more
If I am the plain old blue sky
You were the orange, cotton soft cirrus of my sunset.
If I was a lyric
You were the music that caresses every line
If I am a face
You are the pretty smile that lights up my countenance.

But I am not the night
Yet you are still that beautiful dream
I am not the sky
Yet I knew that you would bring color to my life
I am not a lyric
Yet I can almost hear the music of your laughter
I don't have that much of a face
Yet remembering you brings a ...

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Oh When December Comes

Oh April, who could have imagined, I would hug you so tight
When I was too occupied crying over the sunset with nothing in sight
Yet your winds have brought on such a wonderful surprise
You came and promised me a beautiful sunrise.

May, oh what a wonder, in all your summer glory
With your taste of saccharine spice, so sweet and sugary
Though you came with a cry so acrid and vinegary
You have left me drunk of love that left my heart cheery.

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