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Well I'm seventeen and I live now in Virginia. I was born in California and lived there for 13 years and then moved to Virginia with the family. I lived in Virginia for 3 years now. Im filipina and I have a big family of 8 people. I have a great big brother named Mike who always watches my back when needed, I have a younger brother whose two years younger then me and me and him get along some what alright you know but we used to get along well. I have a younger sister whose 3 Years older then me and me and her dont really get along well, i have a little brother whose ten years younger then me and he's cool but i mean he does get on my nerves at times, then my baby siste whom is 3 years old. I love her to death no lie... I have wonderful parents who shelter me, feed me, and clothe me when I need it. Their there for me through it all and never give up on raising me. I live with my Tio and Tia as well in our huge house. Their like my second set of parents, they have 4 wonderful kids as well. My cousin's are the best though they sometimes are alot for me too handle. LOL. I still love them though. I go to Stafford High School and I'm in the Eleventh Grade and I want to go to college and major in anything that has to do with little kids. I love kids and I've been watching kids since I was young. I think thats why I love kids and want kids when I grow up. Well thats pretty much alot about me, If you have any questions to ask me, then ask away and I'll answer as best I could. Im a good friend who will listen to anything you have to say and give you advise when you need it. I lend out a helping hand to others before I lend a helping hand to myself...

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No, i dont have any published books Updates


Do you ever wonder,
what children seem to see?
from strength in caring eyes,

through love from gentle hands,
that watch and guide them,
as they play.

Children seem to know,

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