Liz Hope

Rookie (April 6,1991 / Fort Wayne, IN)

Biography of Liz Hope

First and foremost I am a Christian. I'm also loud, opinionated, friendly. I love to act, sing, dance, play the piano, and, obviously, write. My ancestry is Swedish, British, German, and, according to the Russian foreign exchange student at my school, I look like I'm from Siberia. My family and friends are amazing.
I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I attend Snider High School and am a sophomore. Yeah, I'm just a kid. And life is a nightmare. But I can't complain.
Enjoy my writings and ramblings. Updates

Saving Myself

You will not touch above the knee and below the waist.
You will not touch above the stomach and below the shoulder.
You will not touch any bare skin that I do not usually show.

I will not flirt incessently with you.
I will not allow myself to forget myself.
I will wear a ring on my left ring finger to remind us both of that.

We will not go to second base.

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