Liz Hope

Rookie (April 6,1991 / Fort Wayne, IN)

Biography of Liz Hope

First and foremost I am a Christian. I'm also loud, opinionated, friendly. I love to act, sing, dance, play the piano, and, obviously, write. My ancestry is Swedish, British, German, and, according to the Russian foreign exchange student at my school, I look like I'm from Siberia. My family and friends are amazing.
I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I attend Snider High School and am a sophomore. Yeah, I'm just a kid. And life is a nightmare. But I can't complain.
Enjoy my writings and ramblings. Updates

Commercial Christmas

The trees, the lights,
The sales, the fights.
Why commercialize Christmas?

The 'Christ' is there for a reason;
Why replace it with 'X? '
Why commercialize Christmas?

Jesus is the real reason for the season;

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