Lizelle 'Leasel' Martins

Freshman - 543 Points (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Lizelle 'Leasel' Martins Poems

1. So Much More.... 7/16/2009
2. Who Are You? 10/15/2009
3. No Change 11/13/2009
4. Numb 8/27/2009
5. Until We Meet Again 1/16/2010
6. Left For Good? 1/29/2010
7. My World... 1/29/2010
8. Burning Desire 2/12/2010
9. 'Known- Stranger' 5/31/2010
10. I Just Hate..... 6/1/2010
11. Can We Go Back... 6/21/2010
12. What's The Point... 7/23/2010
13. If Love... 8/11/2010
14. Why Do We Hold On.... 9/17/2010
15. This Feeling 10/1/2010
16. I Fell Inlove.... 2/19/2010
17. Walking Away 2/22/2010
18. See Me 3/3/2010
19. Lonely Forbidden World 2/17/2011
20. No One Insight 3/30/2011
21. Strangers 4/15/2011
22. Losing Battle 4/19/2011
23. Set Me Free 5/2/2011
24. Moments 9/2/2011
25. Our 'Thing' 9/29/2011
26. What Is It About You 10/24/2011
27. Today 11/7/2011
28. Almost 12/29/2011
29. Holding On 2/1/2012
30. Bittersweet 6/4/2012
31. Here Again 7/9/2012
32. We Changed 9/27/2012
33. Open Wound 10/24/2012
34. Behind The Smile... 1/26/2013
35. Will It Ever End 3/7/2013
36. I Am...Afraid 3/10/2013
37. I Love It 5/10/2013
38. ...Yet I Love Him 7/18/2013
39. Our Forever 10/15/2013
40. Tired 1/6/2014

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Best Poem of Lizelle 'Leasel' Martins

Let Me Be...

I look at you and see pain
I look at you and feel your pain
A pain so hidden, from the eye to see
But I know you
And see what you try so hard to hide

I want to reach out
Reach out and hold you
Tell you that everything will be okay
That you will be okay
But you won't let your walls down for me
But I still stand, trying to break them down
Oh how I wish I had the power and strength to

I can see you your pain
I can feel your pain
You all forlorn inside
Let me hold you
Let me comfort you
Let me wipe your tears
Let me breath for you, ...

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What Happened...

We met like any other...
Nothing strange or weird about it
But somehow I started to feel things that I should not be feeling
Oh it was a strange feeling, good and exciting at the same time
I tried so hard to play down all my feeling I had and at a point I thought I had
But you kept appearing in my head....was my heart playing tricks again with me

I tried to tell you how I felt...but no words came
You asked me if I did...I said yes

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