Lizette Hutchins

Biography of Lizette Hutchins

I am a dreamer, over analyzer, skeptic, lover mixed with a splash of bitter sweetness..........

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, came here when I was 8 years old; things have never been the same since. Grew up in a state by the name of New Jersey, I hear many crude remarks of this little state I have called my home....but to each his own. Moved to the state I have learned to call home, Maryland and have been living here ever since. I work for the man to get by but I am a lover of words, art, creativity in itself.....I am an old soul trapped in a young lady's body.....

'I'm kind of hooked to the game of art and literature; my heroes are artists and writers.' Updates

Holding Hands

I need to let go already
You weigh too much
It's time to take your first baby step

I watched you trying to learn
from each movement I make
I like to be imitated but never duplicated

It's time to step forward
You walk in front
don't worry, I'm ready
holding your hand
has made my palms sweaty.....

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