Lizzie Marie

Rookie (9/7/1995 / Grove City, Ohio)

Biography of Lizzie Marie

I was born in Grove City Ohio, moved to Weston Florida in 5th grade, then Plano Texas in 6th grade. Now, in 11th grade I am at a new school in Waukesha Wisconsin. I have been through some things, but everyone goes through something. I am not a great poet by any means, but when I write things down I feel better, so why not. Simply read my poems, and you'll know much more about me than I tell my friends. Updates


In the darkness of a mind
Seeming like a well
Dangles a small thread
Begging 'hold on to me! I'll lift you! '
But a thread can not hold up a girl
Much less a woman
And certainly no one in between

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