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Heylo peoplez! My name is Elizabeth Marie Resendiz. I am 18. I live down in sucky ol alabama... I love writing poems, even though I suck at it. some of the poems on here belong to one of my ex's.. im not gonna take them down.. why? honestly b/c thats too much work, and idc enough to do such... it's only a couple.. his poems suck tho.. worse than mine, lawl.. XD, i am mean. hehe... so yea... enjoy...

And i would like to thank everyone who reads, comments, and votes my poems, good or bad. Thanks everyone! Updates

A Waste

Tears streaming down my face
My life a complete waste
A waste of Blood
A waste of Air
A waste of Skin
I try to stand and be strong
but my minds wondering on its own
Thoughts of suicide flood my head
all i want is to be dead

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