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Heylo peoplez! My name is Elizabeth Marie Resendiz. I am 18. I live down in sucky ol alabama... I love writing poems, even though I suck at it. some of the poems on here belong to one of my ex's.. im not gonna take them down.. why? honestly b/c thats too much work, and idc enough to do such... it's only a couple.. his poems suck tho.. worse than mine, lawl.. XD, i am mean. hehe... so yea... enjoy...

And i would like to thank everyone who reads, comments, and votes my poems, good or bad. Thanks everyone! Updates


People never leave her alone
and one day she will be gone
all the slits on her wrist
balling up her bloody fists
No one seems to understand
The blood that covers her hands
She Sits there and crys
all those stupid lies
have left her broken and scarred

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