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  • ''Homo Sapiens is the only species capable of self extinction; and is working hard at it.''
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  • ''People with the least knowledge have the strongest opinions''
  • ''Fools are always right and they rightly remain as fools''
  • ''Fools are sometimes right but they do not know it''
  • ''The only good politicians are those who are not successful''
  • ''Fools work very hard to be what they already are....... fools''
  • ''An honest politician is as rare as a virgin in a brothel''
  • ''Silence convey the most heartfelt messages''

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To Valsa George And Akhtar Jawad

There is great truth in the saying that great minds think alike.
And it's seen in your lovely poems which is much to my delight.

Your eyes can clearly perceive what others find hard to see,
Simple lines from creative minds, I think that must be the key.

Your poetry is an inspiration to the rest who are less blessed,
Providing them the guidance for flaws that need to be addressed.

When I'm covered with goose pimples or a tear falls from my eye,
It came from reading your poetry a fact which I cannot deny.

There must be many writer who are just as ...

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By A Brook

I sat alone beside a bubbling brook
Early on a frosty morn in May
Slowly it stole through the shady woods
As the sun lit up for a sunny day

It tripped and tumbled over stubborn rocks
Gurgling ‘twixt roots that were in the way
The reeds it weaved through will be mocked
My smooth passage you cannot delay

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