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  • ''Homo Sapiens is the only species capable of self extinction; and is working hard at it.''
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  • ''People with the least knowledge have the strongest opinions''
  • ''Fools are always right and they rightly remain as fools''
  • ''Fools are sometimes right but they do not know it''
  • ''The only good politicians are those who are not successful''
  • ''Fools work very hard to be what they already are....... fools''
  • ''An honest politician is as rare as a virgin in a brothel''
  • ''Silence convey the most heartfelt messages''

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Rhythm And Rhyme

Do not ask the whys and wherefores of rhythm and rhyme
But only the how and when from those more poem incline.

My secret in the writing is, do it late on a murky night
The Missus then be snoring, you can do whatever you like.

For inspiration and good measure, watch lots of racy porn
However nothing will be moving if you watch till early morn.

When you are fully inspired, words will become clear lines
Just put them in good order, and hope that they will rhyme.

But the crux of this matter, all having been said and done
Is to wait for adverse weather ...

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The Fighter Pilot

A fighter pilot’s life it has been said is really second to none.
But ask the guy sitting on the hot seat and he’ll say it’s not much fun.

Every time he goes to fly, his aircraft is always parked at the far end.
Humping a chute, that’s half his weight and the steps yet to ascend.

Long before the engine starts, he’ll be wet and drenched with sweat,
An hour strapped in his little cockpit, going through his pre-start checks.

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