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I was born in the small town of empangeni and just recently moved to durban. I owe it to my Grade 12 english teacher, Mrs Maitland, for converting me from writing stories, to writing poetry...i really love being able to express my feelings in my poetry and it's much easier to explain on paper than vocally...
I go to varsity college in durban north and am currently studying for my degree in psycology.i have a younger sister and brother and a crazy cousin who i love to bits.if you want to e-mail me personally, my e-mail address is isaun45093873@hotmail.com

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**is Cupid A Man? **

If cupid really was a man
with a cute little dart
who shot you with them,
right through your heart;

Why is it that men
are the last ones to say
that they want to be with you
each and every day.

I don't understand it,
how could he be a guy?
Did no one ever think,
or stop to question why?

Have you ever heard of a man
from all of the lands,
that welcomed you in
with wide open hands.

I know a few out there
think that he's really cute,
but just dress him up in a well tailored suit

and you'll see that he'll change
be more distant than before.
He'll probably leave you
standing by his door.

Now don't get me wrong
I'm all for love instead of war;
but how do you get him
and keep him from wanting more?

If he's so damn cute
then he's sure to see;
that there's more to life
than just being with me.

He'll shoot all the women
with his candy coated darts,
and they'll melt like chocolate
with a marshmellow heart.

He'd be loved and adored
and worshipped by them all.
and the more he smiles
the harder they fall.

I can already hear you
complaining to me.
That there are lots of men out there
who will love me for me,

but i just want to know
If the Greeks were stupid.
How could they say
that a man could be cupid? ...

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Kurt Behle 15 April 2009

Dispite the point that she keep her poems been short the truth is faced, honesty is her key nonetheless 'she tells it as it is'

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Jessica Workman 02 April 2009

that is really great and it is amazing....keep up the good work...

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Eddie Garcia 31 March 2009

londiwe your poems are written so beautifully, you express your self deep in thought and well formed on paper. your poems are a work of art from a poet upcoming whose true feelings and emotions are well thought out. some of your work is short but sweet and to the point. great job and keep on writing and believing what is real.

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Laron Green Sr. 24 March 2009

good could be bitter you do have a will to go deep

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Darryl Gibbons 20 March 2009

You certainly seem to have captured the essence of the relationship. Very nice work.

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