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London Love Poems Poems

1. Turning Pages 7/22/2009
2. Deepest Blue 7/22/2009
3. While You Were Sleeping 7/22/2009
4. My True Love 7/23/2009
5. Our Favourite Song 7/23/2009
6. What You Mean To Me 7/23/2009
7. Butterfly Kiss 7/24/2009
8. To My Love 7/23/2009
9. Dancing In The Dark 7/22/2009
10. A Vision Of You 7/24/2009
11. A Funny Kind Of Love 7/22/2009
12. * Loving Embrace * 7/25/2009
13. Falling In Love 7/24/2009
14. Love Sick 7/24/2009
15. Love Crush 7/24/2009
16. Love Will Find A Way 7/22/2009
17. My Shining Light My Guiding Star 7/23/2009
18. I Will Always Love You 7/22/2009
19. * When I Close My Eyes * 8/16/2009
20. A Special Someone 7/23/2009
21. Broken Hearted 7/22/2009
22. Missing You 7/22/2009
23. Morning Coffee 7/23/2009
24. Letting Go 7/23/2009
25. I Want To Give You My All 7/22/2009

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I Want To Give You My All

You can have my soul
it's yours.

I just want you
to understand
I'm trying
to be a man.

And give you my all.

There's nothing
I wouldn't do
for you.

You can have
my heart it's yours.

I just need
you to understand
I'll always
do my best by you.

I will never hurt you.

Lie, or even try to.

I want to be a man
and give you my all.

My love for you
will never fall.

When you're
down I'll pick you up.

When you feel saddened
I'll do my best
to cheer you up.

If I ever found ...

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Turning Pages

A smile was all it took
and my heart opened
just like a book.

It shared with you
the happiness and pain
my trails through life
with each turned page.

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