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My life is confusing, but yet fun too. I have a liitle girl (not really she thinks I'm her mom) . I have the most amazing friends and the most amazing boyfriend ever.... I'm a true cowgirl. Owning about 22 horses.2 quarter horses, tenneessee walkers, Morgans, thoroughbreds,1 black forest horses, and 1 dalles pony.
Ive love most everythin

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Love Me

I love him for making me feel like I'm not only one.
Who would stand by me for all my life, loving me.
He show me that im loved.
He make me laugh no matter where we are.
He find my weakness and covers them.
He finds my strength and shows them.
He would save me from a bolt of lighting.
No matter where i am, he would save me.
And when im lost in the crazy world, hes right my side helping along the way

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