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About Me and My Poetry:

So, you want to know about me huh? Okay, just remember you asked for it. I love life, people, and animals, and oh yes plants-they help us breathe you know. Me, I am fun loving, amicable to most, and love to tell jokes, drink, eat, laugh, share, care, feel, emote, relate, and try not to judge. I hate phonies, braggarts, blowhards, know-it-all's, mean spirited people, liars, thieves of material, or hearts, and bigots.

When I was young I loved to fish, and hunt, but now in my Autumn years I love to look, and enjoy nature. I love to smell, taste, and listen, as well as touch, and see the wonders of our planet in harmony with itself. I am a simple person with no agenda, and only want to get along with my fellow human beings. I love music, movies, good wines, fine dining, family. I enjoy interacting with the INTERNET, and have a Web Site. I love pig whimsy, and tried to share it with visitors along with some writings that reflect real life experiences.

You can see my 'Site' by going to: http: //d21c.com/pygman/?Pigs-and-Poets.html

I am a retired USAF MSGT of 20 years, and was fortunate enough to experience other cultures from east to west. I thank my lucky stars that my life has been blessed with these experiences and only wish that others could be as fortunate. It is remarkable to look back on my Military experience and to realize that there are some of us out there that never leave our home town, city, State, etc; So that is me in brief, no different than most of y'all.

My favorite saying is: You can judge a persons character by the way they treat people that they don't need. How true, and I do believe in the 'Golden Rule'.

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