Lopamudra Mishra

Biography of Lopamudra Mishra

Lopamudra Mishra, is a budding contemporary writer.

Basically she is a poet, translator, and a short story writer.Her poems and stories reflect her love for the society. The unusual vibrancy makes her poems very appealing. She is fast emerging as a poet of sense and sensibility. She completed her master’s from Ravenshaw university and graduation from Shailabala women’s college, Cuttack.Her father was an ardent scripturient.He imbibed in her the passion to pen down her feelings in a lucid manner.

Her poems are lyrical, close to heart, soft and romantic. The meticulous flow in her rhyme magnetize the readers. Her works were widely published in many national and Inter-national journals.She is a regular blogger. She takes the images of her writing from simple every day incidents, uses metaphors and imagery to add grace in her skill of presentation. Her language is simple, easily understood by lay man, quite touching and heart rendering.Admired for powerful emotions and feelings. She wishes to use her passion of writing for the betterment of society.

Lopamudra Mishra's Works:

Rhyme of Rain

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Sound Of Rain

Drenched in its first shower of raindrops,
the city reawakens with a new look in the dusk hour,
the pattering rainfall erases dirt's and dusts,
cleanses the path to look a new!
The chilled and sensuous air arouses goosebumps
to gravitates us.
The pitter-patter raindrops on the window panes of the car
dances on its tunes;
The silken linen of the rain drops in the evening lights

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