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Lora Seger Poems

1. Song: Try So Hard 6/20/2005
2. Song: Alone Here 6/20/2005
3. Song: Why Can'T I? 6/20/2005
4. Song: Die 6/20/2005
5. Fear 6/20/2005
6. Love Leaving 8/19/2007
7. Stale Eyes 8/19/2007
8. No Exception 8/25/2007
9. My 8/27/2007
10. She, Herself, Heart And Mind 8/30/2007
11. I Miss You 9/1/2007
12. The Cycle Of Rejection 10/1/2007
13. For Your Amusement 8/19/2007
14. Opposite 9/1/2007
15. I Hear Something Beyond My Sight 8/19/2007
16. Public Awareness, The Humiliation 8/19/2007
17. Delirium 8/23/2007
18. Song: All Alone Again 6/20/2005
19. Faces 8/19/2007
20. In The Perspective 8/19/2007
21. What's In A Name? 8/19/2007
22. Your Kiss 6/22/2005

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Best Poem of Lora Seger

Your Kiss

Your kiss, so sweet, so tender.
Your kiss that makes my heart swell.
Your kiss that drives me into unknown passion.
Your kiss that makes my stomach flutter.
Your kiss that makes me know I'm loved by you.
Your kiss that is unhesitant to be bestowed upon me.
Your kiss that sends me into a poetic bliss.

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Song: Why Can'T I?

I've already wasted away
trying to help, prevent, do anything right
tell me why cant i sing without crying anymore?
why oh why

saw you today, you were real upset
said things you thought were true and they probably are
say what you want, do what you please
i just want to be there for you, dont care if its the same for me

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