Loraine Lotter

Rookie (South Africa)

Biography of Loraine Lotter

Loraine grew up in Gauteng, South Africa, where she graduated from high school in 2009. She discovered her passion for art at a very young age; writing and publishing poems through MemmoriesSa, as well as sketching and creating various short stories. It was only after graduating when she wrote her first full-length novel, entitled “My heart, his soul.”

She enjoys writing young adult, fiction and romance novels, and at the same time likes trying out different genres every once in a while.
“It’s good to be flexible when you’re a writer. There’s so many different things to experience in this world, and I think it’s important for any artist to sometimes take risks and think outside the box.” –L.L

Even though she’s only published one novel so far, she isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. Now, as a published author at the age of 20, she’s stydying graphic and advertising design whilst continuing writing the rest of the books in the Heart and Soul saga as well as a few other different novels.
“It’s something I don’t think I can ever give up now. I think, maybe I’m addicted. Ha-ha! ” –L.L / October 2011

Loraine Lotter's Works:

Fruits of thought ~ Nocturne ~ My heart, his soul ~ Available at amazon.com and Memories SA.

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Toe ek klein was het ek gehoor
van hisse en 'n ding met 'n lang oor.

Van 'n pop wat op 'n ashoop lê
en 'n kous wat nog 'n maatjies wil hê.

Van 'n olifant wat kan vlieg
en 'n seun van hout wat baie kon lieg.

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