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Veteran Poet - 1,107 Points (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

Lore Me34 Poems

41. I Did Not Know 8/26/2006
42. Shall I Compare Thee To An Autumn Day 10/27/2006
43. Who Loves Me 11/15/2006
44. Too Dark 11/16/2006
45. We Are Apart 5/17/2007
46. The Old Masters 6/9/2007
47. Locked In A Box 6/13/2007
48. Touch The Sky 6/27/2007
49. Can You See Me? 8/10/2007
50. A Week From Today 9/4/2007
51. If I Could Walk A Million Miles 10/7/2007
52. Judgment Day 12/5/2007
53. Dreamt Of Heaven 1/5/2008
54. Still Beautiful 1/24/2008
55. I Need You 1/24/2008
56. To Afraid To Speak 2/3/2008
57. Hidden Voices In The Dark 2/20/2008
58. Stolen Moments 3/1/2008
59. Just Fooling Myself 3/4/2008
60. Just Another Black Child In The Ghetto 9/16/2008
61. Supremacist 9/20/2008
62. One Cold Night In September 10/1/2008
63. I Can'T Rest Even When I Sleep 10/7/2008
64. My Ears - My Eyes 12/27/2008
65. Color Of Skin 1/20/2009
66. Scarring Up My Knees 1/29/2009
67. Beauty Is Me 2/24/2009
68. My Last Breath 3/11/2009
69. Single Step 3/21/2009
70. My Aching Bones 5/10/2009
71. Time To Say Goodbye 5/17/2009
72. The Chair Don'T Make The Man 6/29/2009
73. At A Mother's Feet 6/30/2009
74. She Laughed 7/3/2009
75. The Gathering 7/10/2009
76. Washed My Feet 7/16/2009
77. Catch Me When I Fall 7/24/2009
78. Chocolate On My Pillow 8/11/2009
79. They'Ll Never Understand 3/18/2008
80. So 3/22/2008
Best Poem of Lore Me34

Beautiful Me

They look at my dark complexion and they laugh.
But that don’t bother me.
For I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

I love my wide nose,
and thick lips.
I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

Now, my hips are wide,
and I got a lot of junk in my trunk.
But I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

My hair may be coarse,
And my breast are not enhance.
But I’m still beautiful.
Beautiful me.

So they may point, and laugh if they want too.
They may even call me names because of my
dark skin. I won’t cry because beauty is in
the eye of the beholder. And ...

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Don'T Desever

As I sit at my computer staring at your picture.
I have come to one conclusion.
I don’t deserve you.
I don’t deserve a woman whose smile is so bright.
I don’t deserve someone who is to beautiful for words.
I don’t deserve a queen such as you.
I often laugh when I think of how luck of a man
I am to have you in my life because
I don’t deserve you.

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